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Gear Fit2 Plugin APK

Gear Fit2 Plugin

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Package ID:com.samsung.android.gearfit2plugin

Developer:Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Introduction

The Gear Fit2 Plugin is a must-have app that seamlessly connects your Gear Fit2 to your compatible mobile device. This essential software provides a range of features for your Gear Fit2, including app and device settings, software updates, and customizable watchfaces. To enjoy the full functionality of this app on Android 6.0, please allow the necessary permissions in your Android Settings. With the Gear Fit2 Plugin, you can easily search for nearby devices, transmit files, sync your schedule, SMS, and call logs, and so much more. Download now to enhance your Gear Fit2 experience!

Features of the Gear Fit2 Plugin App:

- Seamless Connection: The app seamlessly connects your Gear Fit2 with your compatible mobile device, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

- App & Device Settings/Management: With this app, you can easily manage and customize various settings on your Gear Fit- From adjusting watchface to tweaking app preferences, you have complete control.

- Software Update: Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements by easily updating the software of your Gear Fit2 through the app. Don't miss out on any enhancements!

- Watchface Options: Personalize your Gear Fit2 with a wide range of watchface options. Choose from stylish designs that suit your taste and display important information at a glance.

- Bluetooth Device Search: Utilizing location permissions, the app helps you find nearby devices for Gear through Bluetooth. No more struggling to pair your Gear Fit2 with your mobile device.

- Synchronization Support: Enjoy seamless synchronization of your schedule, SMS, and call logs with your Gear Fit- Stay organized and never miss important notifications on the go.


Gear Fit2 Plugin App is an essential tool for anyone who owns a Gear Fit- It offers a seamless connection with your mobile device, allows for easy management of settings, provides software updates, offers a variety of watchface options, and ensures smooth synchronization with your important data. Download now to enhance your Gear Fit2 experience.


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  • I'm trying to set up the weather, but the app is crashing every single time. I've been trying this constantly for the last month but no success.
    2024-06-19 09:37:27
  • App not working! Keeps disconnecting from phone, which is the primary function for me! Also says it needs update but there's no update on store. Very frustrating
    2024-06-19 01:58:46
  • Am getting the update request but there's no update. I worked out you could put the phone in flight mode to launch the app as a workaround. Spread the word.
    2024-06-17 23:08:28
  • it seems post upgrade my heart rate sensor and other sensors stopped working, no green light blinking anymore, no steps being counted, no movement is being observed for flash up the watch with wrist movement
    2024-06-17 19:36:52
  • It keeps telling me to update and when I click it the only option is to uninstall. Please fix it. I had been doing great with this app, they've just messed it up. Are you going to fix the problem? It's been going on for a week already.
    2024-06-17 15:10:23
  • Samsung Please dont bother creating another health applications .Seriously if you guys are not interested why bother?This latest update , doesnt let the bluetooth to stay connct to my gear fit 2 pro.Gets disconnct evry 10 mins .what the hell?same goes for remote connection.Please fix this.
    2024-06-17 13:46:58