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  • Introduction

Introducing the NahdiCare Clinics app, your ultimate personal health record solution. With just a few taps, you can access a plethora of medical services right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to long queues at hospitals by registering online and receiving your unique UHID. Easily browse through our team of expert doctors, check their availability, and book appointments hassle-free. Need to modify or cancel an upcoming appointment? No problem, the app has got you covered. Moreover, you can now conveniently check-in online for your appointments and even request email, phone, or video consultations. Explore our health check packages and order them with ease. For those in need of home care services, simply request for them within the app. Take charge of your health like never before with the NahdiCare Clinics app.

Features of NahdiCare Clinics:

❤️ Access to personal health records: The app allows users to access their entire family's medical records and visit history at NahdiCare. This feature ensures that users can easily track their health information and stay informed about their medical history.

❤️ Online registration: With the app, users can register online and receive a Unique Health ID (UHID), which allows them to skip queues at the hospital. This feature saves valuable time and provides a convenient way to manage appointments and access healthcare services.

❤️ Doctor appointment booking: The app allows users to browse through a list of doctors, check their availability, and book an appointment. This feature makes it easy for users to find the right healthcare professional and schedule a visit according to their preferences.

❤️ Appointment management: Users can easily change or cancel their upcoming appointments through the app. This feature ensures flexibility and allows users to adapt their healthcare schedule as needed.

❤️ Online check-in: The app offers an online check-in feature for appointments, eliminating the need for manual registration at the clinic. This convenience feature allows users to skip the waiting time and go directly to their consultation.

❤️ Remote consultation: Users can request email, phone, or video consultations through the app, with charges that apply. This feature provides an alternative way for users to access healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes, ensuring convenience and flexibility.


With the NahdiCare Clinics mobile app, users can easily manage their personal health records, access healthcare services, and make appointments hassle-free. The app offers a range of convenient features, such as online registration, appointment booking, and remote consultations, to provide users with a seamless healthcare experience. Download the app now to take control of your health and simplify your healthcare journey.


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