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Package ID:tw.com.taishinbank.richart

Developer:Taishin International Bank

  • Introduction

Introducing Richart, the most popular digital bank that has won numerous awards including the German Red Dot Design Award. With this app, you can experience new and convenient financial services all in one app. Download now to enjoy features such as easy online account opening, effortless trading and investing, smart accounting and payment, and many discounts and benefits. Whether you want to deposit, swipe cards, transfer, exchange, invest, pay, or get loans, this app has got you covered. It's the ultimate banking solution you need. Visit the official website to learn more and download the app today!

Features of the App:

- Easy Online Account Opening: With this app, you can open a bank account or schedule an appointment for account opening right from the comfort of your home. All you need is your mobile phone and dual IDs, and you can complete the application in just 10 minutes.

- Effortless Trading and Investing: The app makes transferring money a breeze. Instead of the hassle of collecting change from separate accounts at dinner parties, you can simply enter your friend's mobile phone number or email and pay easily. Plus, with quick and accurate currency exchange, you can earn more and enjoy high interest rates on foreign currency deposits. No more jumping through hoops, just easy and convenient transactions.

- Investment Opportunities from Just 10 Yuan: You don't need a hefty sum to start investing with this app. With as little as 10 yuan, you can purchase Richart's fund investment portfolio and easily track your investment returns. If you're new to investing, let Richard choose and customize your investment portfolio, providing you with expert advice and making it easy to get started.

- Smart Accounting and Payment: The app takes the stress out of accounting and offers easy payment options. It helps you remember and analyze your income and expenditure details, giving you a clear understanding of your money flow. Plus, you can pay your telecom, card, water, and electricity bills from the comfort of your home, all at the touch of a button.

- High Reward Credit Card: With this app, your credit card rewards go directly into your account as cashback. Use Richart's credit cards for your daily expenses and enjoy the convenience of having your cash rebates deposited directly into your Richart account. On top of that, you'll receive discounts on deposits, enjoy super-premium investment handling fees, and get 5 free withdrawals and transfers every month.

- Discounts and Benefits: The app offers a variety of discounts and benefits to its users. From cashback rewards to discounts on deposits and investment fees, there are plenty of ways to save money.


Richart App is a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and comprehensive digital banking experience. With its easy account opening process, effortless trading and investing options, smart accounting and payment features, and attractive discounts and benefits, this app is designed to make banking seamless and enjoyable. Download now to unlock a world of financial services all in one app.


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  • Easy to use.
    2024-06-18 00:06:32
  • 明明已經更新了,卻還是不讓我登入,解除後重新安裝,再試一次還是同樣的情形。 經後續處理,已能登入,謝謝。
    2024-06-17 11:40:23
  • 更新頻率太高了,強制更新建議在使用完關閉APP時再進行,不然急著要轉帳還得等更新完才能用,真的很腦人又不方便
    2024-06-17 08:06:42
  • 總是無法登入
    2024-06-17 06:35:03
  • Jun 21, update 後又顯示 root 無法使用到底在衝殺小... 早知道不更新..超垃圾。 Jun 24, update: SafetyNet PASS 到底哪裡 root 了? Jun 29, update: 還需要重置.. 已放棄使用 Richart 轉向其它了。 Jul, 23 至今仍未改善,已將錢轉移至其他網銀
    2024-06-17 04:48:51
  • 好用!
    2024-06-16 20:44:41