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Sense SuperApp - online bank

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Package ID:ua.alfabank.mobile.android


  • Introduction

Sense SuperApp - online bank is the ultimate digital online bank for managing your personal funds and individual entrepreneur's accounts. With just a few simple steps, you can become a client and get your very own digital card in no time. Plus, if you prefer a plastic card, we'll deliver it to you for free. Whether you want to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine through swift transfers, invest in military bonds, or contribute to charity, Sense SuperApp - online bank makes it easy. You'll also enjoy attractive income opportunities with various deposit options and a referral program. Explore the app's user-friendly features, including swift payments, templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and a personal financial manager. Download now and take control of your finances with ease.

Features of the App:

- Easy and quick onboarding process: Becoming a client and getting a digital card is hassle-free, with options for video chat or using the "Diia" app.

- Support for charitable causes: Users can make swift transfers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and purchase military bonds, all within the app.

- Various deposit options: Users can choose between different deposit types, such as "Quick" with daily income, "Profitable" with bonuses for prolongation, and "Saving" for flexible periods. There is also an option for currency exchange.

- Referral program: Users can invite their friends to download the app and both parties receive cashback rewards.

- Cash'U Everywhere program: The app offers a bonus program with multiple levels and categories of cashback. Users can withdraw bonuses as real money, exchange them for chances to win gifts, or donate directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

- Easy navigation: The main menu consists of just five buttons, allowing users to access their accounts, explore bank products, personalize their profile, stay updated with financial news, and communicate with online support.


Sense SuperApp - online bank is a user-friendly and convenient online banking app that offers a range of features to enhance personal finance management and support charitable causes. The app allows for quick onboarding and provides various options for digital and physical cards. With its diverse deposit options and referral program, users can earn income and rewards. The Cash'U Everywhere program adds an extra advantage, while the easy navigation and personalization options make for a seamless user experience. Download now to simplify your banking and contribute to important causes.


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