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Package ID:com.molink.john.hummingbird

Developer:Heifeng Zhizao(Shenzhen)Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Introduction

Introducing BeBird, the ultimate ear-picking app! Say goodbye to the traditional and sometimes risky methods - BeBird makes ear-picking simpler and safer with just a few taps on your phone. Connect your BeBird ear-picking device to your phone via WiFi and enjoy the benefits of visual ear-picking. But that's not all! The app also lets you record the process and save it to your phone effortlessly. With a range of functions like photo, video, and video playback support, BeBird is the go-to app for all your ear-picking needs. Download now and experience the ultimate ear-picking experience!

Features of this App:

- Visual Ear-Picking: With the app, you can now see what you're doing while ear-picking, making the process simpler and safer than ever before.

- Easy Connectivity: This app connects your ear-picking device to your mobile phone via WiFi, creating a seamless and convenient experience.

- Photo Capture: Capture high-quality images of your ear-picking process with just a click. Preserve your achievements or seek professional advice easily.

- Video Recording: Record your entire ear-picking session and save it to your phone. Share your experience with others or refer back to it for future reference.

- Video Playback Support: Watch your recorded ear-picking videos with ease. Analyze and learn from your techniques or simply enjoy the fascinating process.

- Image Gesture Enlargement: Zoom in and examine every detail of the previewed images for a thorough exploration of your ear canal.


BeBird is the essential app for anyone who wants to make ear-picking both efficient and safe. With its visual guidance, you can confidently approach the process with ease. Capture photos and record videos to better understand your needs or seek professional advice. The app's user-friendly interface and support for video playback take your ear-picking experience to a whole new level. Don't miss out on this amazing tool – download now and unlock the secret world of ear-picking.


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  • QR code on my Note3 Pro opened this page. Downloaded fine and opened first try. The app is very simple and it works with my product. It dropped connection once while I was getting everything opened and unpacked but as soon as I restarted the device, the app worked for the next hour uninterrupted. I think there is a lot of user error with this app. Works fine for me. The app does say it has an update but it works without updating, so no problems.
    2024-06-20 14:28:34
  • I have the most difficult time getting the device to connect to the app. It is awful. When it does work, it's great, but that doesn't happen very often. Not worth it because of the connectivity issues. I've tried on several devices and the only reliable one is my 10+ years old phone that won't hold a charge long so it's not worth using. I will be buying a different brand soon. I just wish I had known before wasting money on this one.
    2024-06-20 07:51:50
  • Worked great the first time, and never again. I tried everything (uninstall, reinstall, reset device, clear cache, charge device, open app with device on, with device off, connect to wifi first then open app, etc, etc, etc.) It'll connect to the wifi, but does not transfer any images to the app / phone. Feels like an absolute scam, and really disappointed. Probably security issues with this app / device given just how many people have raised concerns this product clearly doesn't do its job.
    2024-06-17 21:11:43
  • THIEVES. Forget about garbage pictures and the device not connecting to Wi-Fi it connects just long enough to send all your personal information that it just stole because you gave access to this app and the Chinese to your entire phone with everything on it look at the permissions before you download things. It says it could change permissions overtime and needs access to your storage content and everything in it. I had to install it on a phone that I don't use anymore
    2024-06-17 04:03:04
  • The only feature added to recent update was adding ads. This app is not compatible to any other devices but the one that was already bought and paid for. App also asks for permission to make calls which is unnecessary for local wifi based device. It also used mobile data possibly to call back to server? This is malware behavior; disgusting and unethical practice. I will uninstall and look for older versions. At the end of the product's life I will be looking for other brands.
    2024-06-17 01:16:11
  • It works with the bebird device I bought off of the amazon app. Apparently people were having issues with that so I was worried. Although, it didn't work on my ipad so I downloaded it to my android phone and got it to work. It does take some getting used to to navigate your ear and I've poked my eardrum once or twice which really hurts. But I'm glad the app works.
    2024-06-16 19:44:47