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Talking Puppy

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Package ID:com.lily.times.dog1.all

  • Introduction

Step into a world full of endless fun and laughter with Talking Puppy, an app that brings a lovable and adorable virtual puppy right to your fingertips. Just like its feline counterpart, Talking Tom Cat, this app allows you to interact with a playful puppy in a multitude of ways. One of its standout features is the ability to mimic your voice, adding a hilarious twist to every conversation. However, the fun doesn't stop there. You can also engage in activities such as feeding, petting, and even playing catch with a Frisbee. Perfect for children, Talking Puppy is a must-have for anyone seeking delightful entertainment and unforgettable moments with a virtual companion.

Features of Talking Puppy:

⭐️ Voice mimicry: The app allows the puppy to repeat everything you say in an interesting voice, making conversations with the virtual pet fun and entertaining.

⭐️ Interactive feeding: Users can feed the puppy and watch it eat, adding a realistic touch to the virtual pet experience.

⭐️ Petting feature: By petting the puppy, users can make it turn around, adding a tactile element to the interaction.

⭐️ Playful activities: Users can throw a Frisbee for the puppy to catch, engaging in fun games and activities with the virtual pet.

⭐️ Song singing: The app allows the puppy to sing songs, providing entertainment and laughter for users, especially children.

⭐️ Cute and funny tricks: The app features other cute and funny tricks that the puppy can perform, adding to the enjoyment and amusement of users.


Talking Puppy is an app that brings joy and entertainment to users, especially children, through voice mimicry, feeding, petting, playing games, singing songs, and performing various cute and funny tricks. Download the app now and have a great time with your virtual furry friend!


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  • Good game bro
    2024-06-20 17:00:31
  • It's very good
    2024-06-20 11:58:03
  • This real game
    2024-06-19 00:58:16
  • The dog is so cute☺️☺️
    2024-06-18 06:42:20
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    2024-06-18 03:50:02
  • I blocked the game
    2024-06-17 23:15:02