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  • Introduction

FlightView isn't your typical flight tracking application. It's a comprehensive tool crafted for travelers, vacationers, and those meeting loved ones at airports. With a rich set of features, it ensures you're well-informed from departure to arrival. Enter a new era of flight tracking with the app, the ultimate modern-day wizard in this realm. Experience real-time tracking of flights worldwide with its captivating flight map, enriched with live radar weather updates. Bid farewell to scattered emails with the My Trips feature, effortlessly syncing trip details across devices and platforms. Stay ahead of delays and weather disruptions with the Airport Delay Information feature, offering real-time insights for US and Canadian airports. Share your travel plans effortlessly via email, SMS, or social media, and enjoy seamless calendar integration for organized scheduling. For an ad-free experience, consider the premium version. FlightView is more than just an app; it's your indispensable travel companion and occasional savior. When it comes to flight tracking, think FlightView.

Features of FlightView:

❤️ Real-time flight tracking: The app allows users to track upcoming and in-air flights across the globe. It provides a flight map that shows the progress of the flight, along with real-time radar weather.

❤️ My Trips feature: Users can forward their itinerary confirmation email to FlightView, which automatically loads their trip details. These details are synced between devices and can even be accessed in Airplane mode. Users can also add notes and review their saved itineraries.

❤️ Airport delay information: The app provides a color-coded map of airport delays in the US and Canada, overlaid with real-time weather data. It also lists airports with the biggest departure delays, helping users plan their travels better.

❤️ Sharing options: Users can share their trip itineraries via email, SMS, or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The app also offers Facebook login for convenience.

❤️ Calendar integration: FlightView allows users to post their flights to their Calendar, making it easier for them to stay organized and plan their schedules.

❤️ Ad-free experience: Users can opt for the ad-free version of the app available in the paid section of the App Store, providing a distraction-free flight tracking experience.


FlightView is not just an ordinary flight tracking app. It offers a range of features that make it a travel buddy, personal flight assistant, and even a superhero for users. With real-time flight tracking, trip management, airport delay information, sharing options, calendar integration, and an ad-free experience, this app ensures users stay informed and organized throughout their journeys. Download now and enjoy safe travels!


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  • Had paid for it for one year and the ads stopped in the beginning but then they got worse and started interfering with the actual use of the app.. they just charged me and I went through the steps they claim to stop the ads but the ads still remain. What's the point of paying for something that you're going to slap full of ads anyway?
    2024-06-21 08:54:44
  • Used to love it. Was my go to app for traveling by air. Ads are one thing and understandable. A 30 second commercial when you are racing through the airport is simply unacceptable. Looking for alternatives.
    2024-06-17 18:11:04
  • I'm rating this very important app that I use for work a 1 Star because as of yesterday since I have updated it is not opening and continuously crashing over and over. I need this app to work on my phone again very soon, once it does that, I'll give it the right rating, 5 stars. Update: it works as advertised again. BACK TO 5 STARS!!
    2024-06-17 09:23:49
  • I pay for the yearly subscription. The info is generally updated quickly and the app works in the barest sense. Glitchy, clunky, unfriendly to use. Can't navigate from widget. Search fields act whacky; have to do everything twice.
    2024-06-17 05:39:50
  • It's a good app. I give it one star now because of the invasive add videos that you can't even check over flight before an ad video plays that opens up Google play without asking it to. App used to not have such annoying ads. Will. Be finding a new app for flight info. That's for ruining a good app!
    2024-06-16 02:18:32
  • I used to like this app because I could save the flights and get notifications however the pop-up ads and pop-ups games are so frustrating and time-consuming and they wear your battery's down as soon as I can uninstall this and reload another app I will. Because it really sucks now.
    2024-06-16 00:30:25