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Package ID:as.android.mpost.guardtek

  • Introduction

The Trackforce App is the ultimate solution for managing your security personnel on the go. With this app, you can easily monitor job attendance, review incident and event reports, and even follow guard tours in real-time. One of the standout features of this app is its real-time reporting capabilities, which allow you to immediately take action on generated reports. Field reports include photos, videos, and signatures for greater accuracy, and interactive guard tours provide officers with step-by-step instructions and the ability to report problems on the spot. Additionally, post orders can be delivered in real-time and officers can confirm having read them, while dispatchers can task and track officers' responses in real-time using GPS tracking. With the Trackforce App, security management has never been so convenient and efficient.

Features of Trackforce:

❤️ Real-time reporting: The app generates reports in real-time, allowing immediate action to be taken.

❤️ Field reports with multimedia: Incident and event reports can include photos, videos, and signatures, increasing accuracy and detail.

❤️ Interactive guard tours: Officers receive step-by-step instructions on their guard tours and can report any problems in real-time.

❤️ Post orders delivery and confirmation: Post orders are delivered instantaneously to officers' mobile devices, who can confirm that they have read them.

❤️ Dispatch task capabilities: Dispatchers can assign tasks to officers in real-time and track their response.

❤️ GPS tracking: The app tracks officers' movements via GPS, providing real-time location updates.


With the Trackforce App, users can monitor personnel attendance, review incident and event reports, follow guard tours, and more. The app offers real-time reporting, field reports with multimedia, interactive guard tours, post orders delivery and confirmation, dispatch task capabilities, and GPS tracking. Download the app now for a complete mobile security management solution.


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