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Second Canvas Thyssen

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  • Introduction

Unlock the secrets and explore the masterpieces of the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza like never before with the Second Canvas Thyssen app. Available in Spanish, English, and French, this app allows you to delve into the museum's artworks using high-resolution imagery that reveals every intricate detail. Discover fascinating stories and insights shared by the Thyssen's experts as you browse through works by renowned artists such as Caravaggio, van Gogh, and Chagall. With features like super-zoom, infrared and X-ray vision, and the ability to share your experiences on social media, Second Canvas Thyssen provides a truly unforgettable museum experience that you can enjoy on any device.

Features of Second Canvas Thyssen:

> Super-zoom: Explore the artworks in incredible detail, from brushstrokes to craquelure, thanks to gigapixel resolution images.

> High-quality images: Over 20 works available in HD resolution.

> Infrared, X-ray, and ultraviolet vision: Certain key artworks offer a glimpse into hidden drawings and artist corrections.

> Expert insights: Discover the stories, symbolism, technique, and artist style behind each artwork through the expertise of museum professionals.

> Social media sharing: Share your own stories and select super-high resolution details to post on social media.

> Connect to larger screens: Connect your device to your home TV or classroom projector for a full-screen view while interacting with your touch device.


Experience the wonders of Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza like never before with Second Canvas Thyssen. This app offers an immersive journey through the museum's masterpieces, allowing you to explore the intricate details with super-zoom technology. Dive into the hidden layers of the artworks through infrared, X-ray, and ultraviolet vision. Learn from expert insights and share your own discoveries on social media in stunning resolution. Connect your device to larger screens for a captivating viewing experience. Download this app now and unlock the secrets of art.


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