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AndroVid Pro

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  • Introduction

AndroVid is an exceptional video editing app that aims to help users create outstanding videos with ease and efficiency. With regular updates and fresh content, it offers a fantastic opportunity for interactive and exciting video exploration. The app provides basic yet powerful tools such as trim, merge, cut, and more, allowing users to process videos accurately and optimize their duration effectively. It also offers numerous video filters that can be customized and combined to create unique and creative results. Additionally, this app boasts a wide range of captivating video effects and stylish fonts that can transform any video and grab viewers' attention. By combining advanced features like blurs, transitions, speed adjustments, and more, users can take their video quality to the next level. With additional features like slideshow, GIF making, music addition, and conversion, AndroVid proves to be a versatile all-in-one video editor, providing everything you need to produce high-quality videos.

Features of AndroVid Pro:

* Simple video processing tools: The app offers basic features like trim, merge, cut, and more to accurately process videos, reduce file size, and optimize duration.

* Numerous video filters: Users can apply automatic filters to make their videos stand out, and even combine filters to create unique and creative results. Customization options are available to prioritize preferred filters.

* Unique video effects: The app provides an extensive library of effects to enhance videos and capture viewers' attention. Users can also create their own effects using available materials, showcasing their unique creativity.

* Free stylish fonts: The app offers a selection of art fonts to highlight videos and convey messages effectively. Users can interact with each font precisely without affecting the overall content, and even import resources from other videos.

* Advanced features: Users can take their videos to the next level by utilizing advanced functions like blurs, transitions, and speed adjustments. These features require time and refinement but result in exceptional video quality.

* All-in-one features: The app isn't just a video editor, it also includes a slideshow maker, GIF creator, music addition, and conversion capabilities. It offers diverse features and resources convenient for all video editing needs.


With AndroVid, anyone can easily create high-quality videos using simple yet powerful tools. From basic video processing to advanced editing features, this app provides a wide range of options for customization. With numerous video filters and effects, users can make their videos unique and captivating. The inclusion of free stylish fonts and all-in-one features like slideshow creation and music addition further enhance the editing experience. Download this app now to explore its user-friendly interface and unleash your creativity.


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  • Am I in the Twilight Zone or has this app totally changed since last week???!!! I don't recognize it at all! it opened in portrait mode instead of landscape! Where did everything go?! This was my fav app for editing videos now it's just another generic editing app! I found out, turning a friend onto it, told him how great it was, then I open it and I'm like WHAT, & he thinks its me?! lol Seriously, where's the app, it says the last update was last July, I'm totally confused & DISAPPOINTED!
    2024-06-19 15:26:03
  • Now I found the feature to brighten dark video in the compress feature then find the adjust section.Sorry for the negative comment I had before. Hope you will improve on the low quality portion of the video compression without sacrificing too much quality of the original video. Thanks and more power.
    2024-06-18 16:45:52
  • "Doesn't Saves Edited Videos!" After investing a lot of time and so many efforts to make everything perfect finally it says " Failed to proceed that operation..." at the stage of saving.I tried so many times repeating all my efforts again and again but the problem still persists.Horrible Experience!!
    2024-06-18 15:14:49
  • You can only select one photo at a time, then you need to re-enter your Gallery to the correct folder and scroll to the next desired image. When you have multiple images, this is highly inefficient to keep repeating. Uninstalled.
    2024-06-18 10:37:46
  • Easy to use, full-featured pro Video Editor and Photo Editor with many features AndroVid is an easy to use, full-featured video maker and photo editor for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and other social media. Just download now and easily make amazing videos with music, text, effects, stickers and many more features. Key Features: Video Trimmer & Video Cutter & Video Splitter * Trim and cut video to remove unnecessary parts. * Fast trimmer & Fast cutter: No quality loss, no re-encodi
    2024-06-17 04:29:02
  • When I try to convert video to a different format, I end up with a video that's just a black screen. When I try to add different audio, like music I created, I get a silent video. Tired of being let down. Cancelling my subscription. Wish I could get a refund.
    2024-06-17 01:09:07