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Introducing the NCERT Books App, your one-stop solution for affordable and accessible education. This innovative app provides audio books and videos for the latest NCERT books, making learning more engaging and convenient. With expert solutions and a wide range of textbooks available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and Urdu, students can access quality education anytime, anywhere. The app also offers detailed solutions for rationalized NCERT books, along with renowned authors like R D Sharma and H C Verma. From class 1 to 12, this app covers a comprehensive range of subjects, including Accountancy, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and more. In addition, this app caters to various competitive exams such as UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET, and State PSCs. With the NCERT Books App, education is just a tap away. Rate, review, and share this app to help others in need.

Features of NCERT Books:

❤️ Audio book and Videos: The app provides audio books and videos for the latest NCERT books. Users can listen to the content or watch videos for a more interactive learning experience.

❤️ Access to Experts: Users can access NCERT books and solutions from experts. This ensures that the content is reliable and accurate.

❤️ CBSE Textbooks: The app allows users to read CBSE textbooks from Class 1 to 12. This makes it a comprehensive resource for students of all grade levels.

❤️ Multiple Languages: The app is available in English, Hindi, and Urdu medium. Users can choose their preferred language for a better understanding of the content.

❤️ Solutions for Other Books: In addition to NCERT books, the app also provides detailed solutions for other popular books like R D Sharma, H C Verma, Lakhmir Singh & Manjit Kaur, and R S Aggarwal.

❤️ Exam Preparation: The app is not only helpful for school studies but also aids in the preparation of various competitive exams like UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET, and State PSC exams.


The Latest NCERT Books and Solutions App is a comprehensive and user-friendly app that aims to make education affordable and accessible to all. With features like audio books, access to experts, CBSE textbooks, multiple languages support, solutions for other books, and exam preparation materials, this app provides a one-stop solution for students of all levels. Whether you need help with daily homework or want to prepare for competitive exams, this app has got you covered. Download now and unlock the door to quality education.


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  • Best source for those who are unable to purchase high costly books for their preparation... Thank you...
    2024-06-18 03:23:50
  • Good experience every chapter of every single ncert book is available on the app
    2024-06-18 01:02:42
  • Very easy to use and very useful for students
    2024-06-17 22:08:11
  • It is the best app to study ncrt.. You can read book online as well as offline.. I think this is the best feature that I have experienced.. So.. You can go with this app.. Without thinking a moment.. Although.. Some add intrupt, it is manageable... I big thank from my bottom of heart.. I am currently reading ncrt books for my ctet examination and other competitive exam as well..
    2024-06-17 03:28:23
  • Having a strong foundation is the basic requirement for any competitive exam. NCERT books are of immense help to get strong hold on basics. Moreover, they are easy to understand as they are written in simple and lucid manner, making reading an absolute enjoyment for a candidate !!
    2024-06-16 14:16:45
  • It is very useful app for students who faces problems in studies
    2024-06-16 13:39:28