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Dual Space

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Package ID:com.ludashi.dualspace

  • Introduction

Introducing Dual Space, the ultimate solution for managing multiple social networking accounts on your smartphone. With this app, you can create virtual applications of any app, not just WhatsApp. Experience the convenience of accessing two accounts simultaneously without the hassle. This app ensures stability and doesn't take up your memory as it creates virtual apps instead of new ones. Enjoy the freedom of switching between accounts effortlessly and maintain the privacy of your virtual app with the Privacy zone feature. Additionally, this app offers various other unique features to enhance your multitasking experience. Don't miss out, download this app now and simplify your social media management.

Features of Dual Space:

> Dual Space allows users to create a virtual application of any other application on their smartphone.

> It is not only limited to WhatsApp, but can also be used with multiple social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

> The virtual app created by Dual Space has all the same features as the original app, without taking up additional memory.

> Users can simultaneously access both the original app and the virtual app in multitasking mode, providing flexibility in switching between accounts.

> Dual Space offers a Privacy zone feature, enabling users to hide the existence of the virtual app on their home screen.

> Users can set up security measures for the virtual app, ensuring that only they can access and use it.


Dual Space is a user-friendly application that allows users to create virtual apps, making it easy to manage multiple social networking accounts on their smartphones. With features like identical functionality to the original app, multitasking capabilities, and privacy settings, this app provides a seamless and secure experience. Download now to enhance your smartphone's functionality and simplify your social media presence.


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