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All Office Reader

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Package ID:com.cutestudio.documentreader

  • Introduction

Looking for a mobile game that offers both entertainment and productivity? Look no further than All Office Reader! This unique app is perfect for all document nerds out there, offering a fantastic document viewer and file reader features that will keep you hooked for hours. With it, you can say goodbye to the hassle of syncing your files and carrying around thick folders. The built-in document reader allows you to view and read any file type on your mobile device, making it perfect for students working on presentations or professionals finalizing important documents. The intuitive interface guarantees a problem-free experience, whether you're viewing Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, or even PDF and TXT files. With All Office Reader, you can finally organize and manage all your files in one convenient location. So why settle for mindless amusement when you can have both fun and productivity with the app?

Features of All Office Reader:

> Universal Document Reader: Easily read and view any file type on your mobile device, eliminating the need to carry around physical files or sync them across multiple devices.

> Document Viewer for Word Files: Open and review DOC and DOCX Word documents effortlessly, with a simple and intuitive interface for seamless navigation.

> Excel Viewer for Spreadsheets: Access XLS and XLSX files on the go, allowing for data analysis and spreadsheet reviews with ease.

> PowerPoint Viewer and Editor: Create, edit, and present PowerPoint and Keynote presentations straight from your mobile device, with interactive elements to enhance your presentations.

> PDF Viewer: Revolutionizing PDF reading, this app has a built-in viewer that makes reading and navigating PDF files a breeze, whether for ebooks, research papers, or official documents.

> Text File Reader: Quick and simple access to all your TXT files, such as notes and memos, in one convenient location without switching between multiple programs or platforms.


All Office Reader is a unique and powerful mobile game that offers a range of features to enhance your document management and viewing experience. With its universal document reader, support for various file types, and intuitive interface, All Office Reader simplifies and streamlines the way you access and interact with your files. Say goodbye to traditional document handling and embrace the convenience and productivity offered by the app. Click here to download now and transform your document management workflow!


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  • this is the excellent apps
    2024-06-20 01:07:29
  • It is very good app. It helped a lot.
    2024-06-17 18:52:00
  • Nice. Working properly
    2024-06-17 16:19:51
  • Freezes my phone. Not cool
    2024-06-17 14:37:17
  • Very good app should download no1 app
    2024-06-17 08:44:10
  • This app is very helpful to all
    2024-06-17 07:32:58