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Expressen Nyheter

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  • Introduction

Stay updated with the latest news in sports, entertainment, politics, economy, opinion, weather, and crime with the Expressen Nyheter App. With a user-friendly interface, finding what you're looking for has never been easier. Never miss out on the news your friends are reading and sharing. Explore captivating long reads and reports from around the world. Discover the viral TV clips everyone's talking about. Our services keep you informed on sports, weather, and TV. Be in the know with live coverage of major news, sports, and entertainment events. Expressen Nyheter App, brought to you by Expressen Lifestyle AB, based in Stockholm.

Features of Expressen Nyheter:

⭐️ Comprehensive coverage: The App provides the latest news in sports, entertainment, politics, economy, opinion, weather, and crime, ensuring users stay updated on various topics.

⭐️ Live reporting: The App offers 24/7 live reporting, keeping users informed about the latest events and happenings around the clock, on all days of the year.

⭐️ Easy navigation: With a user-friendly interface, the App makes it easier than ever to find the desired content, allowing users to quickly access the news they are looking for.

⭐️ Social integration: Users can stay connected with their friends by seeing and sharing the news articles they are reading, ensuring they never miss out on any important updates.

⭐️ Engaging long reads: The App features gripping long-form articles and reports from around the world, providing in-depth and immersive storytelling experiences.

⭐️ Viral video clips: Users can discover and watch viral TV clips, keeping up with the latest trending videos that are capturing the attention of the online community.


Stay informed and never miss a beat with the Expressen Nyheter App. With comprehensive news coverage, live reporting, and easy navigation, this user-friendly app ensures you are always up to date. Share and discover news with friends, enjoy engaging long reads, and watch viral TV clips with just a few taps. Download the App now and stay connected to the world around you.


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  • Perfekt!
    2024-06-20 12:09:01
  • Skittidning!
    2024-06-20 01:16:00
  • Love it
    2024-06-18 23:57:23
  • 2024-06-18 12:38:02
  • Finns bättre sätt att hitta nyheter än den här appen
    2024-06-17 00:52:44
  • Bra app men skulle behöva en sökfunktion för att kunna hitta tidigare reportage
    2024-06-16 09:58:01