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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls APK

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

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Package ID:com.nintendo.znma

  • Introduction

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is a must-have app for all parents out there. With this app, you can keep an eye on your kids' gaming habits and ensure they have a healthy balance between playtime and other activities. Set daily play session intervals and receive warnings when your child is about to reach their time limit. The app also allows you to track how long your child has been playing and gives you the power to stop their gaming session when necessary. You'll even get detailed summaries of their gaming activity, so you know exactly what games they've been playing and for how long. Stay in control and stay informed with Nintendo Switch Parental Controls.

Features of Nintendo Switch Parental Controls:

❤️ Supervise gameplay: The app allows parents to keep an eye on their family members' activities on the Nintendo Switch console, ensuring a safe gaming environment for all ages.

❤️ Set time limits: Parents can manually set play session intervals, giving players a warning when they are about to reach the time limit. This helps in moderating and managing screen time for children.

❤️ Monitor gaming duration: The app enables parents to check how long their kids have been playing games on the console, helping them understand their gaming habits and maintain balance.

❤️ Stop program activation: If necessary, parents can activate the 'stop program' feature when the time limit has been reached, controlling the duration of gameplay and encouraging breaks.

❤️ Game summary: Users can access a summary of recently played videogames on the console, along with the duration of each game session. This feature provides insights into the types of games their family members engage with.

❤️ Daily and monthly activity summaries: The app offers convenient daily and monthly activity summaries, allowing parents to easily track and understand the console's overall usage patterns.


Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is an essential app for parents who want to stay informed about their kids' gaming activities on the Nintendo Switch. With features like gameplay supervision, time limits, monitoring duration, stop program activation, game summaries, and activity summaries, this app ensures a safe and balanced gaming experience for the whole family. Download now to enhance your parenting and maintain control over gaming habits.


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  • Iv had this app for about 8 months. I have to supervise my 10 yr old boy. I had no problems for a long while now. it shows me how long time was spent. gave me notifications. but the past month now it has changed. I don't get notifications anymore. I have to go in the app to see. than it says it hasn't sync in days. I went to try to sync it on the switch but says some kind of error. I have deleted and re installed. still some errors. idk what's going on. this has never happened before.
    2024-06-19 09:21:31
  • App is ok but missing a feature: a STOP option. I would love the option to stop/lock the device with one button at will. In order for me to stop the switch before the alloted time is up, I have to go into the individual day and toggle to 0min and update it then whwn I want to turn ir back onb go have and add the original allotted time (which starts the time over) and update it again.
    2024-06-18 13:05:11
  • Limited functionality. No way to set a password to the system or games. No way to set time limits for profiles. You can set a bedtime restriction, but not a "wake up" (i.e., no way to set only 1 hour of play and must be between 1 - 7pm). Yes, this app does make my job as a parent easier, but only slightly. Given the complexity of the Switch more robust parental controls would be helpful. My basic thermostat has more security and scheduling options and I didn't even upgrade to the Nest.
    2024-06-17 17:42:34
  • it's amazing because I can set the time limit and bed time, but nothing beats being able to turn it off or add more time to his account from work or wherever. Actually this ability has been used more to add time than turn it off because they know what they need to do and will be held accountable. lastly if its left on the homescreen on accident it doesn't calculate that as time played but it does use up the time limit which then can be adjusted.
    2024-06-17 16:39:29
  • Non a bad app, missing some functionality. Can't have more than 3 switches on here. Which sucks for bigger families. Cannot set wake times, so kids can start playing before school even if you don't want them to. ESRB settings are difficult, and there isn't a way to approve different games above set limit. No options for bonus time. Overall the navigation of the app is great, simple and easy to see what your kid has been doing. And keep them off the system when they aren't supposed to be.
    2024-06-16 09:01:39
  • This app works good with my 5 year old. It allows me to see which games he plays and which he doesn't. I'd like it if some areas had more functionality. Instead of setting a time sometimes I'd like to just turn it off rather than setting a time. My 5 year old is aware that I am able to see what he does & if behavior isn't good then I can turn it off & so it does help in that area. Some apps it shows him as playing when he wasn't actually & the screen was just on. Will reevaluate if app updates.
    2024-06-16 08:32:38