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  • Introduction

Publix is the ultimate shopping companion for anyone who frequents this popular U.S. supermarket chain. This app takes the hassle out of shopping by providing you with a vast array of features to help you save time, money, and effort. One of its standout features is the ability to browse and save the latest weekly flyer coupons, ensuring that you never miss out on any deals. You can also create and customize your own shopping list, making it impossible to forget any essential items. Plus, with the added convenience of locating nearby stores and scheduling orders in advance, Publix truly streamlines your shopping experience. With over 1,000 stores across the country, this legendary chain has become synonymous with quality and great value, and this app continues to uphold this reputation. So, whether you're a loyal Publix customer or a first-time shopper, this app is a must-have for a seamless and efficient shopping trip.

Features of Publix:

❤️ View available offers: The app allows users to easily view all the available offers at this app, helping them save money while shopping.

❤️ Locate nearby stores: Users can easily find nearby Publix stores using the app, making it convenient to plan their shopping trips.

❤️ Schedule orders in advance: The app enables users to schedule their next order in advance, based on their shopping list, making shopping more organized.

❤️ Weekly flyer coupons: Users can take advantage of Publix's weekly flyer coupons through the app, helping them get great deals and save money.

❤️ Create and manage shopping lists: The app allows users to create and manage their shopping lists, ensuring they never forget to buy anything at the store.

❤️ Barcode scanner and mobile payment: The app features a barcode scanner for checking prices and adding products to the shopping list. Users can also conveniently pay from the app, saving time and utilizing the saved coupons.


Publix is a must-have shopping app for frequent visitors of this popular U.S. supermarket chain. With features like viewing offers, locating nearby stores, scheduling orders, utilizing weekly flyer coupons, managing shopping lists, and scanning barcodes, the app makes shopping much easier and helps users save money. Download the app now and enjoy a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience at this app.


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  • I absolutely love the deli at the Auburndale Publix!! The people are very nice professional and fast! Always seem to be ready to help even on bad days! Thanks everyone!!
    2024-06-21 04:39:39
  • Not really a super helpful app. They don't have any prices of their products, there's an entirely separate app that you have to use for pickup or delivery. All you can really do on here is create lists, order from the deli, and view sales.
    2024-06-20 23:42:40
  • Great app. However, out of nowhere, the displaying of receipts in the purchase history stopped working.
    2024-06-18 08:41:53
  • Has not worked yet. I don't know what's happening with this app. I need help at the store...who do I talk to about this. My computer is not my best skill I am not gutting anywhere...Please help me. So I can the discounts. L I SHOP THE AT LEAST 2 TO 4 TIMES A WEEK. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP TO KEEP ME IN YOUR STORE!!!
    2024-06-18 08:08:57
  • With few exceptions, the staff at my Publix are so nice and helpful. The store is clean and usually has everything I need.
    2024-06-18 02:43:00
  • Pros: 1) Products identified (mostly correctly) by Aisle #, and presented by aisle number. 2) Coupons matched to products automatically. 3) Those two together suffice to save time and help organize, despite several obvious flaws. Cons: 1) The Search function is weak, requiring close to exact matches; study Amazon and learn from it. 2) Listings are incomplete and not rarely incorrect. Example: Bluebell chocolate must be entered by proxy 4) No prices. Really? That makes shopping no pleasure
    2024-06-17 18:22:23