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  • Introduction

With ДОБРО.РФ, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of those in need. This incredible app connects over 2,000,000 like-minded individuals and 30,000 organizations, all coming together to create 200,000 amazing good deeds across 20 different areas. Whether you want to help in your local community or explore opportunities in other regions, ДОБРО.РФ makes it easy to find and participate in meaningful volunteer work. Plus, you can keep track of your volunteer experiences, earn electronic certificates and awards, and even connect with organizers through your personal account. Join us and be a force for positive change.

Features of ДОБРО.РФ:

⭐️ Largest volunteer platform: This app provides access to the largest platform for volunteers in Russia, with over 2,000,000 like-minded people, 30,000 organizations, and 200,000 good deeds in various areas.

⭐️ Help those in need: Users can find and contribute to good deeds near their home or in other regions. They can make a difference by helping those in need and participating in large-scale events.

⭐️ Expand your network: By using the app, users can make new acquaintances and meet like-minded people who are passionate about volunteering. It's a great way to expand their social network and build meaningful connections.

⭐️ Personalized feed: The app allows users to choose the directions that interest them the most. They can customize their feed to view relevant opportunities and updates on the causes they care about.

⭐️ Organizers' profiles: Users can familiarize themselves with the profiles of organizers behind different volunteer initiatives. They can learn more about the organizations, their missions, and the impact they are making in their respective fields.

⭐️ Personal volunteer book: The app offers a convenient feature to keep track of users' volunteer experiences. They can maintain a personal book of volunteers, which includes their experience, electronic clock, course certificates, and awards. This helps users showcase their dedication and commitment to volunteering.


With the largest platform for volunteers in Russia, ДОБРО.РФ app offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for individuals who are passionate about making a difference. It provides the opportunity to help those in need, connect with like-minded people, and expand one's network. With personalized feeds, detailed organizer profiles, and a personal volunteer book feature, this app enhances the overall volunteering experience and allows users to easily navigate through different areas of interest. Download now to join a community of volunteers and contribute to meaningful causes.


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