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Ora Clean & Master, Antivirus (MOD) APK

Ora Clean & Master, Antivirus (MOD)

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Package ID:clean.master.antivirus.battery.ora

Developer:Ora Tools

  • Introduction

Introducing Ora Clean & Master, Antivirus (MOD), the ultimate tool for keeping your Android device running smoothly. With Ora Cleaner, you can easily clean out all the unnecessary junk files, making way for more storage space. Plus, our powerful antivirus feature scans your apps for viruses and malware, ensuring your device stays safe and secure. Need more space? No problem! Ora Clean & Master, Antivirus (MOD) can help you remove junk files, uninstall unused apps, and even cancel unwanted photos and videos. With all the handy tools included, like system info and app manager, you'll have complete control over your device. Download today and experience the difference!

Features of Ora Clean & Master, Antivirus (MOD):

❤️ Junk Cleaner: Remove useless junk such as app data and residual junk from your device.

❤️ Antivirus: Utilizes the AV-Test antivirus engine to scan apps for viruses and malware.

❤️ Get more space: Free up storage space by deleting junk files, uninstalling apps, and eliminating bad or unwanted photos and videos.

❤️ System info: Provides comprehensive information about your phone in one screen.

❤️ App Manager: Analyze apps to easily identify those that consume excessive mobile data or take up too much storage space.

❤️ Photo Analyzer: Optimize your photo gallery by identifying similar and duplicate photos and clean it up.


Ora Clean & Master, Antivirus (MOD) is a highlyefficient and user-friendly device manager and junk cleaner tool. It not only helps keep your Android device running safely but also provides useful features like antivirus protection, app management, and photo optimization. With Ora Cleaner, you can easily free up storage space, improve device performance, and keep your phone organized. Download the app now for a clutter-free and optimized Android experience.


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  • This is the best app it has many many features cleans very well there is not that much ads. Has a game booster speed tester and many many more it has deep scan for antivirus too
    2024-05-29 06:33:43
  • This app is the best junk cleaner I have used to keep useless data from piling up on my phones storage... I highly recommend using it at least once a day!
    2024-05-29 00:29:50
  • I will give this app 4 star because it help us to clean our phone storage and we also compress photos and video too we also scan our phone it have one feature also we can lock app and if we forget password it have security questions if we forget password but their is one foult in any feature when we back it have add i requested to fix this
    2024-05-28 04:14:43
  • Does not do anything. Checked current storage used, Ora cleaner said it needed to clear 3.7GB junk and my used storage stayed at 7.2GB free space. I have never been one to believe apps like these really.
    2024-05-27 22:34:10
  • Good cleaner I like it cause it's fast and easy let's you know when to look for a virus and it's free.check it out,try it you got nothing to lose.
    2024-05-27 13:17:02
  • Ok app. It's very pushy. Ads that try to fool you into clicking. Lots of interruptions. Use it then uninstall it.
    2024-05-27 03:45:47