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TikPlus: real fans, likes & followers for TikToker

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Package ID:com.hooza.tikplus


  • Introduction

Introducing TikPlus: real fans, likes & followers for TikToker, the ultimate app for aspiring TikTokers, content creators, and small business owners looking to boost their channel's visibility and gain a massive following. Powered by AI technology, TikPlus ensures that your short music videos reach the right audience who are most likely to become your loyal fans. With features like sharing your videos among TikPlus members, gaining real followers and likes, and engaging with a community of genuine TikTok users, this app is your go-to tool for skyrocketing your TikTok success. It's time to unleash your creativity and watch your fanbase grow with this app!

Features of TikPlus: real fans, likes & followers for TikToker:

❤️ AI-powered promotion platform: The app utilizes AI technology to recommend relevant videos to the right audience, increasing the chances of gaining real fans and followers.

❤️ Share videos among TikPlus members: Users can easily share their short music video links with other members of TikPlus, expanding their reach within the community.

❤️ Boost real followers and fans: The app helps users grow their TikTok channel by boosting their number of real followers and fans, increasing their visibility and engagement.

❤️ Boost real likes for music videos: Through this app, users can also receive real likes on their music videos, providing social proof and increasing their overall popularity.

❤️ Targeted support for Tik Tok fans and followers: The app is dedicated to supporting TikTok fans and followers specifically, ensuring that users receive genuine engagement from those interested in the platform.

❤️ Real people engagement: The likes, followers, and fans gained through TikPlus come from real people, ensuring authentic interactions and organic growth.


Regardless of whether you are a new TikToker or a professional content creator, TikPlus: real fans, likes & followers for TikToker offers an efficient tool to promote your videos and TikTok channel. With its AI-powered platform, users can boost real followers, fans, and likes for their music videos. By sharing videos among TikPlus members, users can reach a wider audience within the community. The app focuses on providing support specifically for TikTok fans and followers, ensuring genuine engagement from real people. Start using this app today to increase your visibility, engagement, and overall success on TikTok. Click to download now!


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  • At first, I did not know how to use it, so I just downloaded it and left it there. In a free time to learn again, it is much more effective than I thought . You who are in need of increasing likes or follow, should try to download and use.
    2024-05-28 16:00:28
  • Its pretty good I like it! Its awesome but its kinda funny how you get your own likes on your own video i wonder how that's like its funny dont ask me but imagine having so many likes on your own video like I mostly get like 9 likes 3 likes you know its kind weird
    2024-05-28 09:22:50
  • I don't say this app is good or bad, coz sometimes I can't get the star if I do the task. But in addition this app is really helpful for those want their followers or like ⬆️
    2024-05-27 06:57:21
  • This app helps me reduce stress a lot! Counting the number of fans comming regularly is very fun. This a best app for the getting more fans. Super love
    2024-05-27 06:37:04
  • Hey tikplus i have earned my stars.. i logout my account and than again login and than they send me a notification you unfollow 43 people we detect your star ..why you are doing this to me i have not unfollow and unlike anyone's please kindly resolve this problem otherwise me and my friend uninstalled your this app and kindly resolve the problem of earning star of followers i followed everyone but you your app did not give me a stars of followers. Thanks. Regard application installer
    2024-05-26 21:01:58
  • A like used to earn me 4 coins, now it's only 2 coins, for a follow, I used to earn 8 coins, and now it 5 coins only, why did it suddenly change. To earn 50 coins I have to give 25 likes, yet for me to get that 25 likes, I have to be with 125 coins It's not balancing at all
    2024-05-26 14:12:13