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PV - Secret Photo Album

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Package ID:cn.photovault.pv

Developer:Secret Photo Vault Album

  • Introduction

PV - Secret Photo Album App is the ultimate tool for keeping your private photos, videos, and files hidden and secure. This app functions as a secret calculator, ensuring that no one will suspect that your private vault is disguised as a regular calculator app. Not only does PV encrypt your photos and videos with military-grade security, but it also offers additional features such as a built-in camera for capturing photos and videos directly within the app, various album layout styles for easy organization, and a “Nearby Drop” feature for effortless file transfers between iOS and Android devices. With PV, you can rest easy knowing that your secrets will remain secret.

Features of PV - Secret Photo Album:

- Disguise as a regular calculator: The app allows you to hide your photos and videos by disguising itself as a normal calculator app with basic calculator functions. No one will suspect that it is actually a secret vault.

- Fake password feature: In case you need to open the secret locker in front of others, PV allows you to set a fake password to show normal content. This adds an extra layer of privacy and protection.

- Private multimedia capabilities: The app has a built-in camera that allows you to take photos and videos directly within the app. You can also easily edit your photos and pictures. It serves as a secret photo browser and video player.

- Multiple album layout styles: The app offers various album layout styles, tags, and notes searching to help you manage your privacy storage more conveniently. You can create unlimited numbers of photos and albums effortlessly.

- Emergency situation feature: The app allows you to switch to other apps in case of an emergency, protecting you from the risk of revealing your secrets.

- Easy file transfer: The app offers the "Nearby Drop" feature, making it effortless to transfer photos between iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Wi-Fi transfer function is available to support file transfer to your computer.


PV is the most popular and secure secret photo album app that ensures your privacy and keeps your personal photos and videos away from prying eyes. It provides a disguise as a regular calculator app, a fake password feature, and the capability to capture and edit photos and videos within the app. It offers multiple album layout styles, emergency situation protection, and easy file transfer options. By downloading this app, you can confidently protect your secret and private content.


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  • I really love it
    2024-05-28 08:09:32
  • Easy to use and very discreet
    2024-05-28 02:20:24
  • Yes, nice app
    2024-05-27 05:36:31
  • Amazing app overall. The only thing I think that would be big step ups is if it doesn't show up in your recently open apps. And another thing that would be good is when reopening the app it would send you to the home screen (one with all the albums) after putting in your passcode instead of automatically putting you back onto the screen you closed the app on. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the "urgent switch" feature doesn't seem to work
    2024-05-27 01:27:04
  • this is app is the best
    2024-05-26 16:52:14
  • Good hiding vidio
    2024-05-26 06:05:54