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PSL - Pakistan Sign Language

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Package ID:com.grappetite.fesf.psl

Developer:FESF Pakistan

  • Introduction

Introducing the PSL - Pakistan Sign Language app, a revolutionary tool for the deaf community and advocates of deaf education. This indispensable resource offers easy access to learning PSL, fostering inclusivity and enhancing access to vital services. With PSL, deaf individuals, educators, and interpreters can elevate their sign language proficiency through high-quality videos featuring PSL signs, accompanied by English and Urdu translations. The app boasts over 70 categories for seamless navigation, catering to learners of all levels. Best of all, PSL content is freely accessible to all, promoting equal education opportunities. Recognized with prestigious awards, the PSL App reflects the dedication of its diverse team, comprising educators, sign developers, and Deaf community members. Join us in championing inclusivity and empowering the deaf community by embracing the PSL App today. Together, let's foster communication, education, and a more inclusive society.

Features of PSL - Pakistan Sign Language:

❤️ Invaluable learning tool: The app provides invaluable resources for deaf students, their families, and those involved in deaf education and advocacy. It is designed to enhance learning and understanding of Pakistan Sign Language (PSL).

❤️ Enhances access to essential services: By increasing knowledge of PSL, the app improves deaf access to essential services such as healthcare. It also promotes inclusion, employment opportunities, and greater involvement in the community.

❤️ Comprehensive content: The app offers PSL videos with spoken and written English and Urdu translations, making it easier for users to understand and learn the language. Additionally, many videos include pictures to reinforce learning outcomes.

❤️ Easy reference: With over 70 categories, the app organizes PSL content for easy reference. Users can quickly find the specific signs they are looking for, enhancing their learning experience.

❤️ Freely available: All the PSL content provided in the app is freely available to anyone. This ensures that anyone interested in learning PSL can access the resources without any cost barriers.

❤️ Award-winning app: The app has received recognition for its excellence. It has won the P@SHA ICT Awards in 2014 and the WISE Awards in 2018 highlighting its quality and effectiveness.


The PSL - Pakistan Sign Language App is an invaluable learning tool that aims to improve deaf access to essential services and promote inclusion and employment opportunities. With its comprehensive content, easy reference system, and availability at no cost, the app is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all. Its recognition through prestigious awards further reinforces its credibility. Start your journey to learn PSL today by downloading the app.


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