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Cupixel: AI Art and AR Tracing

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  • Introduction

Introducing Cupixel: AI Art and AR Tracing, an innovative creativity app that elevates the art-making experience. With augmented reality and expert guidance, Cupixel makes art accessible to all skill levels. Explore a vast library of artist-led tutorials spanning various mediums like acrylic and watercolor. Utilize our AI-powered tracing technology to transfer images onto any surface with precision. With features like Smart Trace and wide-angle camera support, tracing large artworks is effortless. Customize your creations with text and share them in the Spaces community. The redefines art creation with AI, AR, and expert guidance, making it your ultimate creative companion. Unleash your creativity with Cupixel today.

Features of Cupixel: AI Art and AR Tracing:

- Wide range of artist-led instructions: The app offers thousands of step-by-step instructions from expert artists, covering various mediums such as acrylic, pencil, watercolor, and even unique subjects like shoes. Users of all levels, from beginners to experts, can find something suitable.

- AI technology: Users can either convert their own photos into outlines using AI technology or choose from thousands of provided artworks. This allows for more personalized and diverse creations.

- Augmented Reality tracing: The app utilizes Augmented Reality technology to enable users to trace images directly onto any surface. The technology ensures foolproof tracing by locking onto the surface being used.

- Detailed guidance: Users can follow along with the artists' instructions to add the finer details that bring their art to life. Alternatively, they have the freedom to create on their own without following instructions.

- Smart Trace feature: The Augmented Reality feature is enhanced with Smart Trace, which locks onto the corner of the chosen surface. This ensures even more precise tracing.

- Additional features: The app includes other useful features such as the ability to use any surface for tracing (canvas, paper, cookies, shoes, etc.), the option to create large artworks up to 16"x20", a drag tool for flexible composition, a text editor for tracing custom text with various fonts, a time-lapse generator for recording the creation process, and a dedicated space to share creations with the community.


Cupixel: AI Art and AR Tracing revolutionizes the way art is created by combining AI technology, Augmented Reality tracing, and expert guidance. With a wide range of art instructions, the ability to convert personal photos or choose from thousands of artworks, and a variety of useful features, this app provides endless opportunities for users to unleash their creativity. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, it offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform to create stunning art on any surface. Click here to download and start your artistic journey today.


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