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Niagara Launcher р fresh & clean

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Package ID:bitpit.launcher

Developer:peter huber

  • Introduction

Niagara Launcher р fresh & clean is an exceptional Android launcher that combines speed, customization, and optimization to provide an outstanding user experience. With its minimalist design and intuitive interface, this launcher allows you to streamline your smartphone usage by eliminating unnecessary steps and focusing on what matters most. Whether you have a powerful device or a weaker one, it will ensure smooth performance and extensive customization options.

Features of Niagara Launcher р fresh & clean:

- Incredibly fast: The app is known for its speed and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth user experience.

- Extensive customization options: Users have the flexibility to personalize their Android devices by customizing various aspects of the launcher.

- Excellent optimization: Even on weak devices, the app is optimized to perform efficiently without any lag or slowdown.

- Minimalist design: The launcher's design is clean and minimal, allowing users to focus on what's important without distractions.

- Responsive application list: The app provides a responsive and efficient list of applications, making it easy for users to navigate and access their favorite apps.

- Built-in notifications and focus feature: The launcher includes a built-in notification system and functionality that helps users stay focused on the important tasks, reducing unnecessary distractions.


Additionally, the responsive application list, built-in notifications, and focus feature further enhance the overall experience. Click to download Niagara Launcher р fresh & clean now to enjoy a seamless and customized Android interface.


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  • Since the last two updates I'm seeing randomly when opening a pop up that the icons don't show initially on all apps. In the pop up. Give it a second and then they all appear ok. Never seen this before though recently I tried the icon assistant though then turned off. Ever since then this problem seems to have been happening.
    2024-05-12 08:12:24
  • I must say this is the first launcher that has impressed me. Every other one I try has me missing certain things about the stock pixel launcher, but this one is so useful, capable, yet beautifully simple. Also, the cost of the pro version is very affordable at $10 per year. For something you use constantly, that is an easy purchasing decision for me.
    2024-05-11 08:03:00
  • I've been using Niagara launcher for a year and just re-upped to my subscription. I love the way it changes how I interact with my phone. it keeps things simple and prevents me from getting distracted.
    2024-05-10 20:35:46
  • Took some getting used to, but the Pro version is a great launcher. Love the timely updates and new features. it makes it efficient to use my phone. After over a year, this is still the best launcher I've used. It's especially good on my 21:9 aspect ratio phone.
    2024-05-10 20:01:52
  • This is unique and amazing. I've used Nova since the early android days but this here is something else. I'm still using the free version but I think this is the number one launcher out there. It's expensive thou and I'm really afraid of dropping 30 bones and later to find out that the app is abandoned. But I really do want all those pro features.
    2024-05-10 14:46:21
  • The best The goat PERFECT Easy to use. Has 6 different types of dynamically changing icons covers almost every app. It's unique style, look and ease of use make learning curve worth it .
    2024-05-09 19:02:49